Support and Maintenance of Websites

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The company's investment in creating its own website is a crucial step towards solving a multitude of business tasks: shaping its image, efficient interaction with customers and partners, achieving stability, and increasing profits.

However, the pace of IT technology development today is such that a part of commercial projects becomes outdated by the time of their launch.

Proper website maintenance, regular updates, ensuring relevance and quality of content, adjusting functionality, instant troubleshooting, and continuous performance monitoring are the only effective approach to business development.

The choice of qualified professionals to carry out this range of tasks is of utmost importance, as errors often prove to be fatal for promising online projects.

Our Website Support Services

Technical Website Support

If a website takes too long to load, freezes, malfunctions, or is vulnerable to hacking, it fails to provide value to visitors, leading to a loss of reputation, clients, and profits for the business. Ensuring constant monitoring of the website's stability, protecting it from external threats and internal glitches, is a task that the our team of programmers handles flawlessly.

Technical Website Support

Professional technical support for the website is a reliable defense against financial losses and a guarantee of a timely response to any changes, including updates in search algorithms.

Informational Website Support

The comprehensive website maintenance services include monitoring the relevance of textual content and graphics. Our specialists are ready to perform a global redesign of the online project when needed, but the daily tasks involve:

  • Layout and content filling for new sections of the website;
  • Development of illustrations, fonts, or icons;
  • Addition and optimization of images and banners;
  • Filling product pages in catalogs;
  • Selection of materials for news blogs, etc.

Website Updates

To keep a web resource alive, regular updates are necessary. It's essential to monitor the prices of products in online stores and create new filters, buttons, etc., as the product range expands. Updates are needed not only for the visual components but also for functionality.

The competitiveness of the website also depends on its efficiency and security improvements.

Website Maintenance

Project owners save a lot of time, effort, and nerves by ordering professional comprehensive website maintenance. When you need to set up an email, migrate the site to new hosting, protect it from viruses, perform regular backups, or get advice on management and maintenance, you should have a team of qualified professionals at your service.

The experts at our company meticulously track vulnerabilities of the web resource and find optimal solutions for their prompt resolution.

Website Development

Any halt in the development of an online business is always a step backward and an inevitable loss of hard-won positions in a highly competitive environment. The website needs not only updates but also development in line with the chosen vector.

Website Development

Improving usability, introducing new sections and services (e.g., guestbooks, calculators, social media widgets, etc.), enhancing functionality as traffic grows – we are ready to tirelessly work on your project to make it work for you and generate profits.

Marketing Website Support

Promoting the website to the top and maintaining its leadership positions is a complex and multi-faceted task. It is more beneficial and effective to entrust this task to those who were directly involved in creating the resource and deeply understand the business nuances. SEO promotion and website marketing, effective promotion on social networks, conducting promotional campaigns, and many other activities are part of the website's marketing support offered by our company to its clients.

Marketing Website Support

Advantages of Comprehensive Website Support

Experience has shown that searching for additional employees to perform maintenance work on a WEB project, as well as overseeing the execution of their duties by individual specialists, is a complex, labor-intensive, and costly solution without any guarantees of effectiveness. In contrast, comprehensive website support, with minimal financial costs, provides all the benefits of a professional approach:

  • Uninterrupted website operation, stability, and timely resolution of any issues or malfunctions.
  • Increased customer flow due to the proper functioning of the website and always up-to-date information on its pages.
  • Full-fledged service tailored to the individual needs of each project.
  • Continuous enhancement of the website's attractiveness to search engines and its promotion in search results.
  • Regular updating of textual information and visual content.
  • No issues when urgent or routine maintenance work is required.


What is included in technical website support?

A website, as part of the sales funnel, requires round-the-clock technical support, including web service administration, backup infrastructure support, troubleshooting and finding optimal methods to resolve issues, protection against hacking, optimization, installation of fresh updates, and much more.

What is the price for annual and monthly website support?

The cost of the service package per month and per year is calculated by us based on the number of specialists involved and the time they spend on website support and updates. The price is also influenced by the volume of changes made and the complexity of the technologies used.

Do you provide a contract for website maintenance?

Yes, we provide a contract for the quality execution of a set of works for website maintenance.

Is website development included in comprehensive support?

Yes. Within the website support, you can request any type of work on the website, including the creation of new features and tools. The payment is based on the actual time spent working on the project.

Support and Maintenance of Websites
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